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Confrérie des fins Gousiers

Mature by a group of friends of the football team of the patro Nueil-sur-Layon, in the late 40s, in full reconstruction, the idea took shape in 1952 but the statement was made at the Prefecture of Paris as September 30, 1953

fins gousiers

The list of founders, at the time of the creation, says a lot about the why of this creation: it is the conjunction between two interests, that of winemakers in search of stable outlets and Parisians, cabaretiers and cabernet lovers, eager to ensure a steady supply of quality.
In Anjou, play a key role: Jean Falloux and Simon Régnard: the first as a wine grower and general counselor, is Honorary President; the second, as a winemaker and usual supplier of Parisian coffees including ``Le Cabernet``, is ``President`` and ``Grand Master``. They are accompanied, during this creation, by three winemakers from Nueil - Passavant: René Blet, Richard Jacques and Falloux Etienne. But, significant, the first honorary president named is ``Father Joseph Bréhéret``, pastor of Nueil; the socio-economic role of the clergy is found here, as in many other innovations of the time.
In Paris, the seat is fixed, noblesse oblige, at the Café ``Le Cabernet``, in the City of Antin, department stores district. Testimonies such as the composition of the board of directors underline the crucial role played by two people: Raymond Brassié, editor of ``La Revue Française`` who receives the title of ``Propaganda and Protocol Officer``; René Courtois, who runs the café in the Cité d'Antin, is in charge of ``External Relations``. In addition, a number of Galeries Lafayette executives, men and women, also played their role.

fins gosiers 2

Thus the origin of the Brotherhood is linked to the meeting, not fortuitous indeed, but voluntarist, two interests: to ensure an outlet for some, ensure quality for others. Moreover, the first two declared objects of the Brotherhood are: ``to make better known the wines of CABERNET and all those of our sweet province of Anjou``; ``Bring together lovers of Cabernet and more particularly those of Anjou``. Finally, note that from the beginning, the Brotherhood is in the tradition of existing wine brotherhoods since the third and last object wants to ``maintain very friendly relations`` with them.
Pioneers of winemakers had found a way to develop their sales network to adapt to the new economic conditions of the 1950s. A significant asset, in the air of the time too, to this promotional action, was, according to witnesses, the impact of the ``Duraton Family`` on Radio Luxembourg: Jean Carmet took every day ``his glass of cabernet``.
The early 1960s saw a first turning point for the Brotherhood.

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