GIE Anjou Wine Export

4 rue Sy Maurille

49290 Chalonnes sur Loire

Next shipment to Ireland : December 15, 2023 

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Olivier Voisine
About Me

Olivier VOISINE,

Olivier Voisine is installed since 1999 and represents the 3rd generation. Our estate is located on Chalonnes-sur-Loire, a UNESCO heritage city, where the river Layon flows into the Loire. The vineyard is made up of 2 small islands: 12.5 hectares around the head office (AOC Anjou and Anjou Coteaux de la Loire) and 9.5 hectares at the ``Bougonnière`` in the south-east of Chalonnes (AOC Anjou and Coteaux du Layon).

Famous Wine

Our domain extends over
more than 20 hectares.

The parcels overlook the Loire Valley. Our vines extend at the foot of unique landscapes hilly and lulled by the mild Angevin. Our cellar is in the heart of the hillside St Vincent. It offers a magnificent view of the Loire.
We take care of this heritage and our land by applying the techniques handed down from generation to generation and modern methods. Respectful of the vine, from the size, to the harvesting through the stripping and the trellising, we have for ambition to offer you the best nectars of our soil.

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