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Next shipment to Ireland : December 15, 2023 

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Located in the heart of the Coteaux du Layon and Bonnezeaux, the Domaine des Coqueries is operated from father to son by the Gilardeau family. Philippe has been operating the vineyard since 1996.
Bonnezeaux is a sweet white wine with a powerful and round designation of origin. This territory of excusive production is located in the town of Thouarcé, on the edge of the Layon. The surface area of this appellation is 120 hectares

The property

Domaine des Coqueries

The vineyard covers 10 hectares of vineyards. It is entirely grassed and cultivated according to the principle of the fight reasoned. Tillage at the level of vines allows to respect soil and environment.
From the size to the harvest, all the viticultural works are of paramount importance for the quality of the grapes and therefore of the future wines.
The entirely manual harvesting requires several passages (sorting successively) in the plots destined to elaborate sweet wines (bonnzezeaux, Coteaux du Layon).
All wines from the estate are bottled at the property.