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4 rue Sy Maurille

49290 Chalonnes sur Loire

Next shipment to Ireland : December 15, 2023 


Differentiate yourself by offering great Anjou wines selected by the Fins
Gousiers d’Anjou brotherhood and benefit from a single point of contact, from
ordering to invoicing.
All our wines have a history. In 1154 Henri II Plantagenêt became king of
England and had the wines of Anjou served at court. All that France and
England have crowned heads will contribute to their reputation since.

Your tailor-made selection

Our group of winegrowers advise and assist you in the selection of wines that
will delight the finest palates and amaze all your customers. Differentiate yourself by offering an exceptional cellar!

With single billing

you only receive one invoice. Even if you order from our different members.
With Anjou Wine Export, keep a single contact but benefit from a wide and
unprecedented selection of winegrowers' wines at fair prices.

A dedicated platform

To order is very simple. Contact us with the form below and you will receive your access codes to our professional offer.

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